History of the Bolholt

The name, Bolholt (which in olde English means high wooden place) refers to the small hamlet, one mile to the west of Bury, which was formerly famous for its cotton finishing mill complex. Bolholt House, which was the mill owners residence, dating back over three and a half centuries, was the birthplace of Sir Henry Dunster, who became the first Dean of Harvard University, Boston, USA. Together with Sir Robert Peel (Founder of the Police force) they must rank as the most historic names to originate from Bury.

Since 1969 when the house was converted into a hotel by a food wholesaler, the estate has undergone a gradual transformation from an industrial area into 50 acres of beautiful parkland, lakes and gardens. Trees have been planted, factory ruins are now meadows and the wildlife has been protected. It shines as an example that a commercial enterprise can be combined with conservation. 

Henry Dunster Sign